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Accountant, Finance Analyst, Partner Relation Associate, Digital Marketing Strategist, Content Contributor, Data Analyst, Junior UI/UX Designer


Our company, Kulina -  marketplace connecting caterer /home chefs to their customers is a hot Indonesian startup and currently being chosen as an Alpha Startup in Web Summit - Dublin (event will be held at 3-5 November 2015). Startup means building something from zero to one, then to billions. Yesterday you haven't heard anything about it, few months later, boom. And you're gonna regret later if you're not taking the opportunity to join the bandwagon now. We aim to move fast. We're launching this month (October 2015) and we're hiring the best talents to scale the company. Currently we're seeking for awesome people in these division:


Finance Accountant (1), responsible for daily finance task, while in short time after, of course we will need Finance Analyst (2) for deeper task in organising and analysing cashflows and projections. Partner Relations We aim to give the best experience and ease to our partners; they're home chefs and caterers. If you have background in customer service, and in love with food, please do apply as Partner Relations Associate (3). If you don't like to eat, please do stay away. Marketing Here lies the ultimate challenge for you, yo Digital Marketing Strategist (4), while we have all the funnel datas in customers flow, you will need to analyse and decide what best to do. What ads to run, which channel to pick, and who'll be the audience. Your call.
Oh and also, Kulina is about food and the people behind, and we need to gather stories of them. That's why we need Content Contributors (5). Tech Side As we're about to handle food varieties from across Indonesia -- and wow, that's a lot. Hundreds of different kind of ingredients, ethnic originalities, and taste. That's big data, man. We'll need a rockstar Data Analyst (6), preferably have the experience on AI.
 And although we already have Senior UI/UX Designer previously working for Silicon Valley companies, looks like he need some more hands. So then, we're hiring Junior UI/UX Designer (7) too.

Salary and Benefit

  • Work with awesome team in a rising startup
  • Office: Jakarta and/ Jogja
  • Good salary expectation



How To Apply

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Info Perusahaan

PT. Jejaring Makanan Indonesia (Kulina.id)

We simplify your lunch and dinner delivery order.

Worry no more about your lunch and dinner. We provide a wide range of foods and enable you to choose your meal plan throughout the week without hassle.

Whether it’s for your lunch tomorrow, dinner for your beloved ones at home the day after, or even a meal plan for the whole week.
Kulina will give you the best available food based on your taste, prepared by people who are passionate on food and cooking or experienced caterer.

Happy tummy guaranteed.


Cook with joy.
We take care of the rest.

Running restaurants is expensive and exhaustive, but being our partner is free and easy. Choose what dishes you’re really good at, and pick your most convenient time.

We’ll match your food to the foodies who love it. Start cooking in your own kitchen and make your own catering, and we’ll bring you business.