Marketing / Social Media Content (Apprentice / Internship)



Marketing / Social Media Content (Apprentice / Internship)


  • Know how to analyze social media
  • Eager to learn something new
  • Good written and spoken english preferred


Job Scope:  This position allows one to grow and understand a deeper knowledge of Boutique hotel business, you will be using various tools such as Google Alerts, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics to help you. Constant understanding and learning of the industry is essential. There will be a lot of research work involved and generating contents involved. Clear understand of our Target Audience is important. We are very open to experiment new and creative ideas and approaches. However, constant tracking of success and failures is important. We are constantly evolving as a company, we love to learn and share experiences in every aspects. What can you achieve? You will be able to evolve in various roles in your future career. Social marketing manager, PR manager, Content strategist, Marketing manager, growth hacker etc.. This role you will be learning the basics of marketing and concepts. You will be using real tools and monitoring live data which is more practical than marketing in theory. Daily Task: 

  1. Managing of Social Media Contents (Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, Blog)
  2. SEO management of Blog Post (Increase the readership of blog post)
  3. Sourcing for New Travel Contents relating to our business (Unique and Boutique hotels)
  4. Liaising with our Freelance content writer (Directing the contents to be delivered)
  5. Research of new source of content and information
  6. Managing Marketing Calendar Pipeline

Salary and Benefit

Benefits & Perks

Our office environment:

1) Home liked co working office

2) Free Daily Lunch

3) Free flow of pantry, snacks, drinks and Indo Mie

4) One a month Team Innovative & Cultural Day (Sponsored by company)


1) Personal Career Development Workshops & Courses

2) Personal well being allowance

3) Employee discounts off hotels booked on company’s site

4) Personal Innovation Time, on projects you are passionate about


How To Apply

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