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iOS Developer


Objective C-language

  • Object-oriented Programming: Classes and Inheritance, Variable and Method Scope, MVC Concept, Categories,
  • Syntax: Messaging, Class Definition and Properties, Integration with C/C++
  • Memory Management: Strong/weak pointers, Automatic Reference Counting,
  • Autoreleased Object
  • Code Design Pattern: Blocks, Target/action, Protocols
  • UI Kit: View Hierarchy, Drawing Events, Touch Events, Animation
  • Multimedia: Configuration, AVFoundation, C APIs
Core iOS 7, Libraries , CocoaPods: , XCode 5 , GIT


  1. Acting as iOS developer
  2. Working closely with another mobile app developer leading the other platform development
  3. Delivering across the entire app life cycle –concept, design, build, deploy, test, release to app stores and support
  4. Working directly with developers and product managers to conceptualise, build, test and realise products
  5. Gathering requirements around functionality and translate those requirements into elegant functional solutions
  6. Building prototypes at tech scoping stage of projects
  7. Working along the web developers to create and maintain a robust framework to support the apps
  8. Working with the front end developers to build the interface with focus on usability features
  9. Creating compelling device specific user interfaces and experiences
  10. Standardising the platform and in some cases apps to deliver across multiple brands with minimal duplication of effort
  11. Optimising performance for the apps
  12. Keeping up to date on the latest industry trends in the mobile technologies
  13. Explaining technologies and solutions to technical and non-technical stakeholders

Salary and Benefit

  • Working = Duration : 5 Days x 8 Hours A Week
  • Working Time : Prefered ( 09.00 - 17.00) , Open for flexible timing
  • Overtime = (weekday) : Available per hour additional salary
  • Overtime =(weekend) : Available per hour additional salary
  • Lunch : Available (Also Dinner if overnight, Also at Weekend)
  • Device : Own Laptop
  • Health Insurance
  • Salary : Increase Plan : 30% per 3 Month Period after Pass Evaluation by HR and Manager
  • Contract Length : 1 year



How To Apply

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Info Perusahaan

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PT Gongsin Internasional Transindo

PT Gongsin Internasional Transindo atau PT GIT, sebuah perusahaan pengembangan mobile Korea-Indonesia yang mengembangkan aplikasi mobile multi-platform untuk pasar Indonesia dengan fokus di bidang komunikasi, perdagangan, dan pelayanan masyarakat. Saat ini kami sedang mengerjakan proyek aplikasi Jajak Pendapat ( jakpat.net ) ; Pissue ( pissue.com ) ; Mamikos ( mamikos.com)