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1. iOS (IOS) - Menguasai bahasa pemrograman  Swift, Xcode - Memahami beberapa iOS Library, seperti: CocoaPods & AFNetworking (Objective-C), Alamofire (Swift) - Mengetahui cara menggunakan UITableview. 2. Android (AND) - Menguasai bahasa pemrograman Java -  Menguasai beberapa Android Library, seperti: (Networking) Volley & (Google Library) AppCompat - Siap menerima tantangan implementasi library terbaru dari Google 3. Back-end (BE) - Menguasai PHP, database, Node.js & Java (menjadi nilai tambah) - Menguasai beberapa framework seperti Laravel, Express.JS - Familiar dengan Linux 4. Front-end (FE) - Menguasai HTML, CSS, dan familiar dengan Polymer & Twitter Bootstrap - Menguasai Laravel (nilai tambah) - Meguasai template Wordpress & custom extension Wordpress


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is a company in information technology, especially software development. GITS Indonesia services its client by utilizing information technology to expand the clients' companies and increases their competition value. Our clients or target markets are government instances and companies, regardless of their business scales, which need the use of information technology. GITS Indonesia focuses in developing applications for digital marketing, which are applications that can help clients to make use of the advancement in information technology to increase their marketing value. This digital marketing concept may be implemented in many different medias, such as portal, interactive mobile application for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, J2ME, et cetera.