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Back End Developer


Skill Required : PHP, Laravel


Job Description:

1. Development planning and brainstorming for new features.

2. Build new features, platform and system for new dashboard version.

3. Work together with all developer and business team in achieving business goal.

4. Test and fix development crash, error and bug.

5. Responsible to deliver a running system as required and responsible if fatal crash occurred.

6. Maintaining confidentiality on all of the above, given the sensitive nature of some projects.

Salary and Benefit

Salary is negotiable (based by performance and skill)

Working Duration: 5 days x 8 hours a week

Working Time: Preferred (09.00 - 17.00) , open for flexible timing

Overtime (weekday): Available per hour additional salary

Overtime (weekend): Available per hour additional salary

Lunch:Available (also dinner if overnight, also at weekend)



How To Apply

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Info Perusahaan

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PT Gongsin Internasional Transindo

PT Gongsin Internasional Transindo atau PT GIT, sebuah perusahaan pengembangan mobile Korea-Indonesia yang mengembangkan aplikasi mobile multi-platform untuk pasar Indonesia dengan fokus di bidang komunikasi, perdagangan, dan pelayanan masyarakat. Saat ini kami sedang mengerjakan proyek aplikasi Jajak Pendapat ( ) ; Pissue ( ) ; Mamikos (